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Abou Sufian Khatweebu Dawood

Abou Sufian Khatweebu Dawood

Phone: +26 5880 098323

Email: [email protected]

  • Educational Qualifications

  • Degree in Sharia :

    Islamic Center & University of Islamic Studies Welfare Dawa Centre (Soshanguve Islamic Institute).

    • Education Fundamentals (Education Study)
    • Arabic language (Major subject)
    • History (Minor subject)

    Intermediate Diploma in Education :

    1. Lemu madraasah 5 years 2012 Islamic Studies

    2. Almahmood 1 Year

  • Professional Experience

  • 1. Imamul-Masjid, Khatweebu of jumuah and ustaaz of madraasah 8 months.

    2. Principal of Islamic Center, supervision the dawa program in malawi 1 year and 8 months

    Key Responsibilities :

    • Administration & Teaching.
    • Leading Prayers.
    • Presenting Friday Sermon, Eid, and other related occasions around Zomba Town.
    • Interpreting Islamic Arabic Books.
    • Teaching Arabic online.
    • Providing learners with leadership skills.
    • Providing learners with powerful thinking skills.
    • Conducting Islamic Nikahs.